Welcome to the missing link between design and development

If there would be a Wikipedia article about Hubble, here’s what it would say

Hubble is more than a design system. It’s an open source ecosystem that really connects developers and designers.

Our goal with Hubble is to introduce a new way of working, a scalable process, for delivering consistent designs in a faster, frictionless handoff to development and having an unfragmented, one source of truth.

Why would I care?

By using Hubble, you reduce the friction between developers and designers by connecting design files with developer projects. This consistency allows you to ship faster and build products with higher quality that need less effort to develop them. As Mary Poppins would say: it’s practically perfect in every way.

Sounds fancy, isn’t it?
Here’s how it works

The principle of Hubble is simple. A plugin for design tools extracts all the available design assets and sends them to the Hubble App. The app generates tokens as generic data or Style Dictionary Tokens which can be uploaded to the cloud and / or implemented into any project you see fit.


The open source ecosystem
is made up of 3 parts

  1. Hubble Plugin (Figma coming soon)

    The plugin sends all the design data from the design tool to the Hubble App. At this moment only Sketch is supported.

  2. Hubble Scripts

    The scripts are responsible for converting the design elements from design tools to JSON tokens.

  3. Hubble App

    The app is responsible for uploading the JSON tokens to the cloud. It can convert tokens to another format and keeps track of history. Other design elements that can't be converted to JSON (like images and fonts) can be uploaded through the app.

    In active development! (coming soon)